Welcome to CASA DA BOA VIDA, a luxurious, modern villa on the island of Boipeba, Brazil. x

For an unforgettable vacation in Brazil, 70 km from Salvador as the crow flies, on one of the most beautiful islands of the Bahia, in a magical setting due to its rarity, and preserved authenticity. Out of the way of prying eyes, a sumptuous, modern villa, which can accommodate up to ten people.

Made of eucalyptus wood, glass and waxed cocrete, it is surrounded by sea, tropical vegetation and leads directly onto a white sandy beach.

Casa da Boa Vida

A “five-star” house

Just 10 minutes by boat and some 20 minutes on foot and “by mule” from the island’s main village, the CASA DA BOA VIDA is a large transparent house built in 2012. It has maximum comfort and modern equipment. Its orientation allows it to enjoy, even at the height of the Bahian summer, the gentleness of the tropical sea breezes.

Cradled in a sprawling tropical garden, it leads directly onto a fine sandy beach 3 km long where a handful of parasol huts serve caïpirinhas, lobster, sea food and grilled fish. Even in the high season, there is a prevailing peace and quiet that contributes to the magic of this unique location

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Boipeba, Jewel of Bahia

Boipeba is the best preserved of the islands in the Tinhare Archipelago. It succeeds in avoiding the tourist hordes and protects its authenticity.

There are no cars on the island, but you get around in collective tractors, a service of rapid riverboats, fishing boats and mules. 

Boipeba boasts  superb promenades along sea-side footpaths and paths that wind through the inside island,  amid the luxuriant vegetation, highly diverse but also benevolent.

Air temperatures range between 25 and 35 °, ocean temperatures between 20 and 30°.

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